Local Table Community Involvement

Local Table is a concept conceived by the family that created Hungry’s Café and Bistro, a neighborhood bistro in the Rice Village and Memorial neighborhoods with a 35-plus year history. This new iteration from Hungry’s represents a new generation within the Hungry’s founders’ family- young families building a life in the suburbs that desire a dining destination that boasts a unique combination of hipness and kid-friendliness.

The name “Local Table” not only connotes the fresh, locally sourced produce that Hungry’s is known for but also exemplifies the spirit of neighborhood and community…a true place to connect for young families in suburban areas. The team behind Local Table has witnessed a need for a social gathering spot where they can share food and drink with friends either alone or with their young families without cutting corners on quality. Given the large number of young families in this growing community, they wish to invest in the neighborhood and community as an answer to the struggle of finding a social dining venue that both parents and kids enjoy. While designed as a family-friendly venue, the layout and menu options will be designed to also serve as an inviting happy hour or date-night venue.